9 Moments When Japanese Women Re-evaluate You

You don’t necessarily get a bad rap, but you just don’t give off a good impression. She’s been feeling apprehensive about you, but then one day, you did something that totally changed her opinion about you. So, what exactly did you do? What can you do to have her reconsider you as a love interest? We asked Japanese women aged between their teens and mid-20s to discover some of these “Aha!” moments.

1. You help her carry heavy boxes at work.

“I thought he’d be the last person on earth to help me carry things. It was so unexpected, and now he’s been on my mind,” confesses a young Japanese woman in her early 20s. Helping her out at work, especially when she’s feeling at a disadvantage, will dramatically change her views about you. Practice lending a hand daily so that when the moment arrives, you’ll be ready to extend a helping hand to her.