“He’s not Mr. Right, but I still love him!” 9 Characteristics of Ordinary Men That Japanese Women Fall in Love With

Even when a Japanese woman has a clear picture of her ideal boyfriend, when it comes to actually dating a man, she often falls in love with someone totally unexpected. What are the common characteristics that make men so lovable, even if they’re not a perfect 10? Based on a survey of nearly 200 single Japanese women, with ages ranging from their late teens to their early 30s, we will introduce you to some of these irresistible qualities—qualities that you may already have.

1. You are unfailingly kind to her and always think of her first.

“I don’t need an egotistical boyfriend. If he treats me well, he’s the one for me,” explains a Japanese woman in her 20s. While being decisive is an attractive quality in a man, many Japanese women prefer men who are sensitive to their needs. Typically, Japanese women are less vocal than Western women and they may find it difficult to express what they want. If you consult her about where she wants to go, what she wants to eat, or other small details, she will appreciate that you care about her.