9 Compliments Japanese Women Really Want to Hear, Aside from Being Told They Look Pretty

Do you ever find yourself repeating phrases like “you’re cute” and “you’re pretty” because you think expressing what’s on your mind is the only way to make a Japanese woman happy? Like most people, Japanese women want to be recognized more for their actions and inner beauty than their looks and innate abilities. This time, we surveyed 238 single Japanese women in their teens and 20s to introduce 9 compliments Japanese women want to hear, aside from being told they’re pretty.

1. Notice the details that make her beautiful: “Your nails look great today.”

You can notice and compliment a Japanese woman on the effort she makes to look beautiful. “Japanese women are particular about how they look, from the ends of their hair to their nails,” explained a woman in her 20s. However, don’t overdo it. If you examine her too closely, she will feel anxious and think she’s being watched!