9 Moments When Japanese Women Feel Lonely, Despite Saying, “I Don’t Need a Boyfriend!”

Some women claim that they are “totally fine” on their own. But even such women experience moments when they wish they had someone to stand by them. If you want to win the heart of a strong-minded Japanese woman, know the right times to make your move. This time, we surveyed 500 single Japanese women in their teens and 20s to introduce moments when they get lonely, despite saying that they don’t need a boyfriend.

1. When she feels helpless during stormy weather or a natural disaster.

Japan is a country that experiences a lot of natural disasters. Many Japanese women want someone to protect them during an unexpected catastrophe. A woman in her 20s told us, “I wanted someone beside me when I nearly couldn’t get out of my house because of a heavy snowfall.” When there’s an earthquake or a typhoon, send her a message to see if she’s okay. Even if she claims to be an independent woman, she will be extremely grateful for your thoughtful gesture.