9 Signs Your Japanese Girlfriend Wants to Break Up with You Before Christmas

Christmas brings a festive atmosphere along with numerous parties and events designed for couples, so your Japanese girlfriend may be thinking about ending the relationship before it becomes awkward during the holiday season. What can you do about it? If you catch these signs early enough, there may be something you can do to avoid breaking up. Today, we asked Japanese girls what kinds of signs to watch for if they are thinking of breaking up with their boyfriends.

1. There are considerably fewer emails and texts from her.

“When I couldn’t care less about him anymore, I don’t even feel like sending an emoji.” For the majority of women, the speed and content of their responses indicate how interested they are in you. If her response starts to be sluggish, don’t accuse her of being lazy. Instead, read between the lines and find a way to make things more interesting for her.