That’s So Cliché, but I Forgive You! 9 Excuses for Showing Up Late that Made Japanese Women Laugh

Your girlfriend will surely get upset if you are late for your date. However, if you can make her laugh with your excuses, she might forgive you. This time, we surveyed 120 Japanese women in their teens to 20s to introduce “That’s so cliché, but I forgive you! Excuses for showing up late that made Japanese women laugh.”

1. Convince her that you were too psyched up to see her: “I couldn’t decide what to wear to come see you.”

“I knew he was telling a white lie, but he hit my soft spot,” said a Japanese teen. You can make your way into the heart of a Japanese woman with a persuasive excuse like this. It enables you to kill two birds with one stone, because she will likely forgive you for being late and you will be back in charge of the date.