“I’m so glad he is my boyfriend!” 9 Moments When Japanese Women Feel Loved

People always second guess their relationships and wonder whether or not their significant other is “the one.” Is there anyone better for me out there? That seems to be a lingering question, even for people in serious relationships. Still, there are moments that make you realize that you are with the perfect someone and that those moments make the relationship worthwhile. Today, we asked Japanese women to share about when they felt the happiest to be with their boyfriends.

1. You finish the sentence for each other.

“It feels like we’re twins. I’m sure he’s my other half!” laughs one Japanese woman in her 20s. If you blurt out the same thing together spontaneously or finish each other’s sentence, she’ll know that you are on her wavelength and that you’re the one for her. Try to always think about her and you’ll naturally start to think like her.

2. You noticed right away when something was not right about her.

“I hid my illness from others, so when he noticed it, I was touched by his caring nature,” says one Japanese woman in her early 30s. If you are quick to notice that there’s something different about her, it’s an indicator of how closely you watch out for her and how well you know her. She’ll be moved by your swift action to take care of her. Every time you see a sign that’s out of the ordinary, share a few caring words with her.

3. You feel proud of each other’s successes and feel as if they’re your own.

“I’ve never felt much of anything if it didn’t involve me, but with him, I feel so proud of his achievements. It’s like his successes are shared and bring me the same satisfaction as my own,” confesses one Japanese woman in her 20s. When she can be truly happy for you, that’s when she feels fate guiding her relationship. Don’t selfishly chase after only your own happiness. Being able to share happiness together is much more fulfilling.

4. Her friends and family all agree that you’re the best boyfriend for her.

“I wasn’t sure myself, but I felt peaceful knowing that the people who knew me best approved of him,” one 20-something Japanese woman revealed. Sometimes, it’s difficult to judge what’s right in front of us. In these cases, the opinions of friends and family can reassure her that you are the one for her. Always remember to treat her friends and family members as you would treat her.

5. You see her true nature.

“People always mistake me for a strong and independent woman. He saw right through to my weakness and vowed to be on my side, come what may,” one awestruck Japanese woman in her late 20s tells us. Even a woman who appears self-sufficient and liberated has moments when she wants a strong shoulder to lean on. Don’t judge her prematurely by her public façade and assume that she doesn’t need your support. If you catch a glimpse of her insecurity, offer your full support and let her depend on you.

6. She can be herself in your presence.

“I feel fortunate to have someone I can put all my trust in. I think this is happiness,” describes one Japanese woman in her 20s. In a tight-knit society like Japan, it’s impossible not to worry about what others may think of you. If she’s the delicate type, then she is probably under constant pressure to put a good face on things. Let her unwind and drop the weight from her shoulders by providing her a relaxing environment when she’s with you. Let her be herself and, especially if she’s under pressure at work, let her vent for as long as she needs to.

7. Your friends and family rely on you.

“It’s comforting to know that he takes good care of the people around him,” expresses one Japanese woman in her 30s. Women are intuitive in assessing what kind of relationships you have with other people. If she sees that you are trusted by the people in your circle, it’ll give her peace of mind knowing that she can rely on you, too.

8. You announced to her father that you take your relationship seriously.

“It was then I knew that he was thinking of our future together. It made me so happy,” tears up one Japanese woman in her late 20s. Meeting her parents and professing your unwavering love and solid intentions for the future is never an easy task. Still, if you’re willing to do that, it’s a sure way to earn the seal of approval from her and her parents.

9. Your values are in sync with hers.

“When I discovered that we share similar values, I realized that he was the one for me. I felt that I’d waited this long so I could meet him,” proclaims one Japanese woman in her 30s. A partner with a similar set of values is going to be the ideal individual for you. You don’t have to share the exact same values and ideas, but being able to agree on many issues will guarantee smooth sailing throughout your relationship.