“I’m so glad he is my boyfriend!” 9 Moments When Japanese Women Feel Loved

People always second guess their relationships and wonder whether or not their significant other is “the one.” Is there anyone better for me out there? That seems to be a lingering question, even for people in serious relationships. Still, there are moments that make you realize that you are with the perfect someone and that those moments make the relationship worthwhile. Today, we asked Japanese women to share about when they felt the happiest to be with their boyfriends.

1. You finish the sentence for each other.

“It feels like we’re twins. I’m sure he’s my other half!” laughs one Japanese woman in her 20s. If you blurt out the same thing together spontaneously or finish each other’s sentence, she’ll know that you are on her wavelength and that you’re the one for her. Try to always think about her and you’ll naturally start to think like her.