7 Conversation Techniques That Make a Good Impression on Japanese Women

We may not be aware of our own conversation habits, like the way we pause or the way we phrase things, but the more unpleasant our habits are, the more people will notice them. Conversely, it’s surprisingly easily to make a good impression on someone when we choose our words carefully and speak thoughtfully. This time, we introduce 7 conversation tips that will help you make a good impression on Japanese women.

1. Speak politely, even when speaking to someone younger than yourself.

In Japan, people always add the polite honorific “-san” after the first or last name of a person they don’t know well. Avoid addressing a Japanese woman you are not close to by her first name without the honorific. Also refrain from speaking in a condescending tone, even when talking to someone younger, as this will make the other person feel uncomfortable. Don’t change the way you speak in relation to who you’re talking to. Speaking politely to everyone will make a good impression and make you look refined.