9 Ex-Boyfriends Whom Japanese Girls Never, Ever Want to Date Again

A Japanese girl probably didn’t see his true colors when she first met and decided to date him. He turned out to be the boyfriend from hell (or something close to it). She not only want to break up with him as quickly as possible, she also want to eradicate the memory of dating him. Who are these terrible boyfriends? Today, we asked Japanese girls to share their experiences with their exes and the reasons why they never, ever want to date them again.

1. A total skinflint who counts everything to the penny.

“If he is going to be that stingy, I want him to measure the amount of food we each eat!” A Japanese girl is fed up with you being a cheapskate. If you are in the habit of taking your calculator out to divide bills, then yes, we’re talking about you. Forget about being romantic, because being cheap will kill the mood entirely. If you must divide the bill, make it a rough calculation and try to pay a little more than you ask her to. That way, you will leave the impression that you’re generous.