8 moments of instantly falling back in love with a boyfriend Japanese Girl have been going out with for a long time

You’ve been together for a long time and your relationship has settled down so much, you act like husband and wife. You often say that you “feel safe” with your partner but truth be told, there are times that you think, “We’re stuck in a rut and this is getting boring.” So this time we’ve collected the voices of Japanese women answering the question, “What makes a Japanese girl “fall in love again” with a guy she has been going out with for a long time?”

1. Your boyfriend always wears contacts, but then there’s that moment when he puts on a pair of glasses.

We’ve received a lot of warm comments describing these moments, when your boyfriend who usually wears contacts shows up one day wearing glasses: “It felt so new and thrilling!” “I kept staring at him, wondering if this was what he used to look like.”