9 Reasons Why You Should Not Drag Out the Breakup Process with Your Japanese Girlfriend

It’s never pleasant to break up with your Japanese girlfriend. You want to talk things over and, if at all possible, try to mend the relationship, especially if you are on the receiving side of the bad news. But that’s where it gets messy and complicated. More often than not, it’s in your best interest to face the music and end the failing relationship. We asked Japanese girls to share their experience on why it’s best to give it up.

1. Because she might fall back in love when you gallantly respect her wishes.

“I almost reconsidered. He definitely made me think twice about breaking up with him.” If you act gentlemanlike and show respect for her decision, there is a good chance your Japanese girlfriend will at least hesitate about breaking up with you. Make sure she knows that you are disappointed with her decision, though: otherwise she might think you are happy about breaking up with her.