7 Popular Days for a Japanese girlfriend to Break up

When a relationship is just starting to bloom, tension develops between the couple—a good and exciting kind of tension. They are still figuring each other out at that stage. Slowly, the tension fades away and is replaced with familiarity and intimacy. But it might easily become too familiar, and one person might start taking the other for granted. That paves the way for an inevitable breakup. But when should you do it? And why would a Japanese girlfriend choose that particular day? Below, we present 7 popular days that a Japanese girlfriend choose for a breakup.

1. Birthday

On their birthday, most take a moment to re-examine their life and relationships. So, the train of thought can drift from planning a place for a special date or finding your partner the right gift to whether you should keep dating each other or not. Sometimes, a Japanese girlfriend decides to end the relationship—either before the big day or, for those wishing to receive one last gift, afterward.