9 Compliments to Boost the Ego of Japanese Women

Japanese women are complicated creatures, and they’ll not be satisfied by simply being told that they are “cute”. If you want to really impress her and capture her attention, you need to study what she’s proud of and compliment her on that point in order to flatter her ego. Today, we asked Japanese women ranging from their late teens to 20s in age to share the most memorable compliments they received in the past that made them stand taller than usual.

1. “You have such slender, feminine fingers.” Compliment her hands.

“I think I do have pretty fingers, and I was impressed by how carefully he observed me,” a young Japanese woman in her 20s says, showing off her hands. Many Japanese women are very particular about their hands, fingers, and nails and spend a considerable amount of time and effort grooming their hands. You can also compliment her on her intricate nail art to earn extra points.