9 Ways to Give a Souvenir to a Japanese Female Co-worker

If you haven’t figured out how important souvenirs are in Japanese culture yet, then here is an important lesson: if you take a vacation, however brief it may be, it’s customary to bring back souvenirs, especially for those you care about deeply. If you’ve been wanting to strike up a conversation with a special someone in your office, this may present a great opportunity. Today, based on the survey responses we gathered from a group of Japanese women between their late teens and 20s in age, we introduce some of the most effective ways to hand over souvenirs in a way that will capture her heart.

1. “I wanted you to have this first.” Give it to her first thing in the morning.

“When I saw him making a beeline towards my desk, my heart started pounding!” a young Japanese woman in her early 20s excitedly tells us. As with anything, being first feels good, and this is also true when you are receiving souvenirs. If you want to make her laugh, add a special effect or two, perhaps by pretending to run in slow motion or frame-by-frame. She’ll appreciate your humor.