9 Creative Ways to Hand Out Souvenirs to Female Japanese Co-workers

You may have already noticed this, but Japanese people love to bring souvenirs home from their vacations. This seemingly pointless custom may provide you with a valuable opportunity to get closer to the female co-worker you’ve been wanting to talk to. With a bit of creativity and some thoughtful presentation, your ordinary office relationship with her may develop into a romantic relationship that will change your life. We asked Japanese women, aged from 18 to 30, to describe their most memorable souvenirs they received from their male co-workers. Here are some of the ingenious ideas that other men used to successfully impress the ladies.

1. “I didn’t bring this back for anyone else but for you.” Find a moment alone to give it to her.

“Why only me? He spiked my curiosity,” one Japanese woman in her 20s told us. Japanese women love to be “special” and once you’ve captured her attention, it’s easier to develop an intimate relationship. There’s no need to purchase an extravagant souvenir—something simple but thoughtful will be just as effective.