9 Compliments to Give to Tall Japanese Women

In Japan, where people are relatively short in comparison to other countries, society tends to categorize petite women as feminine and cute. Naturally, tall women often feel excluded from the eligible girlfriend pool. If you prefer taller women and want to ask one of these taller ladies out, this is your chance to give a really sensible compliment designed to boost her confidence. Today, we asked tall Japanese women, in their teens and early 20s, to share the comments they appreciated the most.

1. “You’re so girly.” Compliment her mannerism.

“He had me at ‘girly’. That rarely happens,” delighted one Japanese woman in her 20s tells us. Tall women seldom hear themselves described as “cute” or “girly”. They yearn to be described with these ultimate adjectives. If you are too straightforward and tell her “You’re so cute,” you may embarrass her unnecessarily. Try complimenting her on her mannerisms instead.