8 Ways A Guy with No Romantic Experience Managed to Get a Japanese Girlfriend Who was Out of His League

Seducing a beautiful woman who is out of your league is challenging, especially if you have no romantic experience. But some guys have made this miracle happen. This time around, we asked Japanese women in their teens to 30s for their opinions and introduce to you eight ways guys with no romantic experience managed to get a Japanese girlfriend who is out of his league.

1. He took his chances and confessed his crush to her.

You never know until you try, so gather your courage and let your crush know that you’re interested in her. “I was touched when he told me directly that he liked me,” mentioned a Japanese woman in her 20s. You never know what a Japanese woman actually feels until you ask. No matter how impossible you think it is to get a beautiful Japanese woman to go out with you, it’s always worth giving it a try.