“He Knows What Gets Me.” 9 Expressions of Love That Warm Your Girlfriend’s Heart

Aside from whispering “I love you,” what expressions of love can fill your girlfriend’s heart to bursting? You can do a lot to maintain a harmonious relationship by saying the right things and pushing the right buttons. This time, we surveyed 181 single Japanese women in their teens to 30s to introduce “‘He knows what gets me.’ 9 expressions of love that warm your girlfriend’s heart.”

1. Make your girlfriend feel great about herself by giving her compliments that help her do better

“He really knows how to deal with me,” said a Japanese teen. You can build stronger trust between you and your girlfriend by getting into the habit of praising her for her efforts. For example, if she cooks for you, keep telling her, “It tastes even better than the last time!” regardless of what you actually think. This will encourage her to keep working on it with a positive attitude.