7 Things Japanese Women Do to Pretend They Aren’t Interested in Their Crush

At times, Japanese women act like they’re not interested in their crush. They might be distant or unfriendly toward him, precisely because they’re attracted. But what exactly do they do? We surveyed Japanese women in their 20s and 30s who are experienced in love to tell us 7 things they do to pretend they’re not interested in their crush.

1. She avoids initiating communication whenever possible.

Reaching out to a crush is not easy for many Japanese women. “I get in touch with him only if I have a good reason, like when I have to check something for work,” admitted a woman in her 20s. Even when they contact their crush, they may sound very matter-of-fact because they feel embarrassed. If she sounds cold when she texts or calls, there’s a chance she’s trying to stay away because she’s into you.