9 Moments When Japanese Woman Feel a Sense of Destiny in Their Relationship

Japanese women are full of contradictions. One moment they’re drawn to men with good looks and status, and the next moment they fall in love with someone completely different—the so-called “man of destiny.” Today, we asked young Japanese women to share their experiences when they felt their moment of destiny arrive. You may not think anything of it, but for a Japanese woman, it may carry great significance. Let’s find out what it is, so you can be more alert to moments that you really shouldn’t miss.

1. You text each other simultaneously.

“What’s up?” It’s a simple message, but if received simultaneously, it’s also a sign that you were thinking of her at the exact moment she was thinking of you. She also feels it’s something magical if a message from you comes in just as she checks her phone. “We sent each other a message inviting the other to go to the beach at the same time!” one Japanese woman in her late teens recounts in amazement. It’s even more magical if the content of the messages is the same.