9 Times a Japanese Woman Thinks You’re Attractive, Even if You’re Not Classically Handsome

Even if you’re not confident in your looks, that’s not a good enough reason to give up on yourself and your chance at finding love. Sometimes, having certain manly traits and acting chivalrous can be enough to make a Japanese woman think you’re handsome. This time around, we asked Japanese women in their teens to their 30s to share their opinions on the topic. We present to you, “Moments when a Japanese woman thinks you’re attractive, even if you’re not classically handsome.”

1. When you have a deep, masculine voice.

“When a guy has a deep voice, it turns me on,” confessed a Japanese woman in her 20s. Even when you’re not visually attractive, having a deep tone of voice can make you sound handsome. But this doesn’t mean that you should pretend to have a deep voice in front of your crush. The moment she realizes you’re just trying to act smooth, you’ll be the exact opposite of cool.