9 Great Style Changes that Japanese Women Will Gape At

You haven’t had a girlfriend for a while and you feel that your life is pretty mundane. It’s time to overhaul your look and style! Updating your image is one of the best tools you can use to capture a girl’s attention. Today, we’ve asked Japanese women in their teens and 20s to share their opinions on what changes they’d like to see in men.

1. Messy, carefree hair to something more stylish and well-kempt.

“He looked like a hobo before, but now he looks like a clean-cut businessman. What a quick but drastic change!” a stunned young woman in her late teens tells us. One of the easiest but effective ways to change your image is to change your hair style. With relative ease, your looks will dramatically be improved and will awe her for sure. Try to maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp, as well, in order to achieve the total look.