7 Ways to Compliment a Japanese Woman If She Comes Dressed Up for a First Date

If you are taking a Japanese woman out on a much-anticipated first date, she will surely make an extra effort to look good for the occasion. What can you say to flatter her when she shows up to the date dressed in her best? This time, we surveyed Japanese women in their teens to 30s and, based on the most popular answers, we introduce “Ways to compliment a Japanese woman if she comes dressed up for a first date.”

1. “I love your style!”

Every woman wants her boyfriend to validate her sense of fashion. A Japanese woman in her 20s said, “I feel so happy when a guy tells me he likes what I’m wearing.” We also heard from other Japanese women who focused on the importance of reassurance. For example, a Japanese teen mentioned, “If my boyfriend just says, ‘you look great’ or ‘you look cute,’ I feel nervous because I don’t know if he actually likes the way I look.” At the beginning of the relationship, you are still getting to know each other. Therefore, the key is to be considerate and reassure her by choosing a more specific compliment.