9 Reasons Why Japanese Girls Broke Up with Him in Less Than 3 Months

You’re a guy who doesn’t have a good track record with meaningful relationships. You may be feeling discouraged and wondering if you will ever find a long-term Japanese girlfriend. There are many reasons why relationships fail, but what is the straw that breaks the camel’s back so early in a relationship? Today, based on a survey we conducted in Japnase, we introduce you to some of the reasons why Japanese girls broke up with their boyfriends in less than 3 months.

1. I realized I didn’t really like him.

Woman A: “I thought I’d change, but I never developed feelings for him.” If she decides to date a man out of convenience, the novelty will die down fairly quickly. So, if you ask a girl to date you, don’t rush her for an answer. Give her ample time to get to know you and decide if she really wants to be your girlfriend.