You make less than she does? No problem. 9 Reasons Why Your Japanese Girlfriend Does Not Mind Your Meager Salary

We tend to judge financially stable men as attractive and capable individuals. Nevertheless, don’t overlook those who possess other great qualities. They can be equally attractive and popular, despite their not-so-great income. Today, based on a survey we conducted, you’ll find some of the special qualities that Japanese women find attractive and fulfilling in a man. They don’t mind dating poor boyfriends!

1. You understand the value of hard-earned money.

“I was impressed by how he spends his money,” exclaims one Japanese woman in her 20s. Some women appreciate that you are careful with your money and that you don’t have frivolous spending habits. If she is a high flyer herself, she probably sees many of her colleagues living frivolously. She’ll value your down-to-earth outlook on life highly.