9 Hints That Let Japanese Women Know You Want a Girlfriend

You want to get to know Japanese women and, hopefully, one of them will become your girlfriend. You feel too intimidated to openly announce that you are looking for a nice Japanese woman to be your girlfriend. Still, if you don’t, things will go nowhere and you’ll never find a girlfriend. Today, we asked Japanese women aged between their late teens and 20s to share their opinions on what they thought would be the best way to hint “Wanted: Japanese Girlfriend”.

1. “I drink alone every night.”

“If he has a girlfriend, I’m sure he wouldn’t be spending time alone every night. I may offer to have drinks with him,” sympathizes one Japanese woman in her 20s. Her maternal instinct kicks in and she can’t leave you alone. Follow it up with, “May I invite you next time?”, and it’ll become a perfectly natural invitation for a date.