6 Things to Do During a Date to Demonstrate Your Attentiveness

Attentiveness is key when you want to make a Japanese woman happy. But she might think that you are too “type-A” if you take it too far. You might be wondering what the right level of attentiveness is that you need to show in order to make a Japanese woman feel cared for. This time around, we present “Things to do during a date to demonstrate your attentiveness” based on the opinions of Japanese women in their teens to 30s.

1. Let her know in advance if you are going to be late, even if it’s just a few minutes.

Japanese women prefer guys who are always on time. A woman in her 20s said, “When a guy is on time, it shows that he’s sincere.” Also, if you don’t want a Japanese woman to think that you are too uptight, be patient with her and try not to complain if she shows up a little late.