“I’m So Glad I Have Him”—9 Moments When Japanese Women Truly Feel Grateful for Their Boyfriends

The longer women are in a relationship, the more they start to take their boyfriends for granted. Nonetheless, it seems like there are moments when they realize “how lucky they are.” When do Japanese women feel glad that they have a boyfriend? This time, we surveyed young Japanese women to share 9 moments when they truly feel grateful for their boyfriends.

1. When she gets sick and he takes care of her.

“I can fall asleep feeling really safe,” said a woman in her 20s. Many Japanese women appreciate how caring their boyfriends are when they feel vulnerable and realize that they can’t make it on their own. If you want to marry your girlfriend and make her feel positive about your future, say something like “We need to take care of our health so we can live long and healthy lives.”