8 Moments When a Boyfriend Disappoints a Your Japanese Girlfriend

When your relationship is going well, you know that your Japanese girlfriend is having a lot of fun with you. But what would you do if she suddenly started acting distant and cold? You might want to consider the possibility that something you did may have upset her. This time, we share women’s honest opinions about times when a boyfriend disappointed them.

1. She learns that he’s stingy.

“He makes good money but he doesn’t spend it on anything but himself.” “Saying ‘It’s a waste of money’ is a little too unmanly.” Women are dissatisfied when guys are stingy. Being thrifty and saving for the future is OK, but being too cheap only makes you look unkind. Another reader also said, “He says ‘I’m economical,’ but I was upset when he took me to a casual restaurant for my birthday dinner.” Keep in mind that spending money where necessary is as important as saving money.