9 Ways to Make Japanese Women Think “He’s so manly!” at Ramen Restaurants

Ramen is so well loved in Japan that it’s sometimes referred to as “Japanese soul food.” When you’re chowing down on some ramen, that’s a great time to add some gestures that appeal to the ladies. So we’ll be introducing 9 ways to show your masculinity and appeal to women while eating ramen at the same time.

1. Don’t even study the menu. Just go for the large size without hesitation.

“Men should eat big!” said a Japanese woman in her teens. Even if the comment was only half-serious, it shows that women characteristically judge a man’s worth by the size of his appetite. Showing uncertainty when ordering can be interpreted as cowardice. Show your manliness by ordering a large size like it’s totally natural. Just shout it out: “Omori!”