The 8 Loneliest Moments Japanese Women with No Boyfriend Experience

This may not sit well with some, but it’s true that women who have no boyfriend sometimes feel lonely and vulnerable. For men, on the other hand, it may be the best time to strike up a conversation with that special someone you have been wanting to get to know. Today, we surveyed more than 400 Japanese women in their late teens and 20s and compiled a list of some of the loneliest moments they experienced when they didn’t have a boyfriend.

1. When she finds herself working overtime on Valentine’s Day.

For Japanese women, Valentine’s Day carries a lot of significance and helps validate women who are in happy relationships. One Japanese woman in her 20s confessed, “Everyone is so happy except me.… It makes me curse my fate!” Everyone else is in a happy relationship and her situation is too much to bear on this special day. The same can be said for her birthday. “I bet I wouldn’t be sitting here working overtime if I had a boyfriend.” Her loneliness gets amplified on these special occasions, turning the day into something she dreads.