7 Reasons Why Women Broke up Through a Text Message

In what way did your relationship end? Was it through an email, phone call, or text? Was it face to face? Or did you both just kind of drift away from each other? There are many different ways a relationship can end. This time, we asked women how they broke up. This was the results: in person (41%), by text message (31%), over the phone (15%), or just drifted away (11%). Breaking up via a text message came in second, after confrontation, and we introduce 7 reasons below of why it is so common.

1. They are able to gather their thoughts

“I can think more clearly and say exactly what I need to say.” “I text the words slowly, reconfirming with myself about what I am about to do, and then hit the send button.” “I wouldn’t be able to clearly state my reasons for breaking up. In the heat of the moment, things might get complicated.” Thinking about what you want to text provides enough time to gather your thoughts and also calm yourself. Furthermore, doing this gives you the strength to stay firm in your decision.