9 Men a Japanese Girl Couldn’t Fall in Love With

When a man asks a Japanese girl to go out with him, surprisingly enough, quite a few of them say Yes without giving it much thought. She probably thinks that she will learn to love him over time. Turns out, her feelings didn’t develop as she expected, and the relationship dissolved after a few short months. In relationships that come and go quickly, you may not even have a chance to find out what went wrong. Today, we asked Japanese girls to share their experiences with past boyfriends they couldn’t fall in love with.

1. He had no table manners.

“He had no manners and was a messy eater too. I got tired of worrying about people staring at us every time we went out to eat.” Your lack of table manners put her off for good. If your friends or family have complained about your table manners in the past, it’s time to refresh your knowledge of etiquette.