9 Compliments That Are Effective to “Big Sis” Japanese Women

Young women who are frank, cool, dependable, and whom everyone looks up to are called “anego-hada”, or, “big sis” in Japanese. If you want to get close to these Japanese women, there are certain key phrases that capture their attention. Based on a new survey in which we spoke with Japanese women in their late teens and 20s who fit the “big sis” stereotype, we can share with you,which phrases have the most effect on them.

1. “You are my role model!”

“It boosts my confidence when a man recognizes my hard work and talent,” boasts a Japanese woman in her 20s. One of the things that kept coming up in our survey was that simple and straightforward compliments work best with these big sis type of women. There’s no need to embellish or flatter with too many words. In fact, if you’re too complimentary, then it’ll have the opposite effect. They don’t like brownnosers.