9 Things to Do on a Date to Impress a Japanese Woman and Show Her You’re Successful at Work

Having good, business-like skills can make you very attractive. If you show Japanese women during a date that you’re good at what you do, their assessment of you will shoot up. This time around, we gathered opinions from Japanese women in their teens to 20s to show you “9 Ways to Impress a Japanese Woman During a Date That Shows You are Successful at Work”.

1. Once you meet up, quickly go over the plan for the day.

Planning is an important skill in business. By demonstrating your ability to plan for a date, you can demonstrate to a Japanese woman that you’re dependable. “I feel more comfortable when a guy tells me what we’ll do during our date, like ‘We’ll start here, then we’’ll go there for lunch’’,” explained a Japanese woman in her 20s. You should come up with a general plan for the day, but when it comes to the details. make sure you ask your date what she’d like to do.