9 Things Japanese Women Want from Innocent Guys with No Experience in Love

Many Japanese women are genuinely happy to learn that their boyfriends have never dated anyone else before, thus being his “first girlfriend.” But what kind of expectations do they have when they date inexperienced guys? This time, we surveyed single Japanese women in their teens to 30s to introduce 9 things Japanese women want from innocent guys who have no experience with love.

1. She wants him to be so innocent that he blushes when she touches his hand.

A lot of Japanese women expect their inexperienced boyfriends to react innocently to their advances, so they can relive the excitement of first love. “I want him to take things irritatingly slow,” confessed a woman in her 20s. You don’t need to try too hard or pretend to be experienced. Grown women will find you adorable when you show that you’re a little nervous.