9 Boyfriends Who Are Totally Unreliable When Japanese Girlfriends Need Them

Loose lips sink ships. You may not think anything of it, but be careful what you say, as you may sound indecisive or unreliable, and this can change her impression of you as a good boyfriend. Today, we conducted a survey and asked Japanese girls to share their thoughts on things past boyfriends said that made them realize their boyfriends would be dependable when push came to shove.

1. “It doesn’t matter who said what.” You try to evade taking responsibility.

“I knew then I couldn’t rely on him. He couldn’t even live up to his own responsibilities.” If you don’t keep your promises or you avoid taking responsibility, she will write you off as untrustworthy. Interestingly enough, if you use the same statement when she’s at fault, it’ll have a totally different effect. You’ll sound like the most generous individual.